Kenzo Fall 2014

The KENZO Prefall 2014 collection is in many ways a foray into the uncanny. Things are not always what they seem. Life at its most ordinary is skewed, twisted, until it appears fraught with surprises. Building upon the desire to explore the myriad, fractal reflections of art into life and vice versa, KENZO’s creative directors Carol Lim & Humberto Leon enlisted directors Partel Oliva and web/3D designers Kim Boutin and David Broner. The result of their collaboration is an interactive 3D and video experience available online at Over the course of a few nights before the opening of Grace To The NTh Power, a solo show inspired by Sudanese-American model Grace Bol, all the artworks but one are stolen from the gallery. Still, the exhibition opens, with the missing pieces replaced by videos showing the thieves at work. Visitors are admitted one by one in the darkened gallery, to witness the unmaking of the old show and the making of the new. The gallery exists online on a dedicated website, as a 3D space the user navigates using her mobile device tethered to the site. The story is deployed recursively on many levels, across the WebGL 3D site, the artworks, the videos. Grace Bol plays herself and Sang Woo Kim plays her accomplice.